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MIX:  Plants- .5 fluid oz per gallon water

     Cleaning- 2 fluid oz per gallon water

We use Zerotol 2.o the most of any product. It is a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner with a penetrating organic acid. We dunk clones in .5oz/ gal as part of our outgoing QC procedure. We spray mother plants to clean leaves of any airborn dust or spores and other IPM products we use.

We clean anything that touches plants with Zerotol 2.0 instead of bleach with a 2 fl oz per galllon mix. All trays and domes are fully dunked to sanatize them


MIX: 2 fluid oz per gallon

Lost Coast Plant Therapy is an oil based pesticide useful for spores and pests. We only use it on plants at least 3 weeks after clone transplant as it can be too much for young plants. For grown plants, it's a light all around plant wash and great as a general maintenance product.

***The key with oil based products is do NOT use them within 2 weeks of Sulfur


MIX: 1.5 fluid oz per gallon

Suffoil X is a stronger oil based pesticide we use the same as Lost Coast Plant Therapy. We rotate between the two oil sprays. Suffoil X is a little harder on the plants, but more effective against a wider variety of pests. We will spray oil for 3 consecutive days to assure maximum coverage then we will wash oil off the leaves with Zerotol spray so the oil isn't affecting photosynthesis. 


MIX: 20 grams per gallon of tap water

Sulfur is a key component of our IPM Program. We are basically switching between spraying oil and sulfur every 2 weeks. In between the two we are using non oil products. Sulfur disrupts any fungi growing on leaves, and is the best defense for broad and russet mites. A good IPM program will address every possible threat and include a product that targets and eliminates the chance of ever having them with regular coverage.


MIX: Clones: 2 fluid oz/ gallon tap water

         Moms: 4 fluid oz per gallon tap water

Protection Plus is a citric acid based general knockdown/ maintenance product. We fully submerge and dunk clones in it, and we use it between oil and sulfur for the two weeks between. It's effective and all natural.

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